The Other Side of the World: Night Market

Friday, January 13, 2006

Night Market

Entrnace to the night market- a Taiwanese tradition Food stalls serving dinner at a frenzied pace a 'pancake' batter being stirred with a paddle attached to a drill vegetable filled dumplings cooked on a grill assorted cooked snails roasted duck heads In Taipei, young couples almost never cook dinner at home. Traditional Taiwanese hot pot with enoki mushrooms, green onion, cabbage, intestines, duck blood and fermented bean curd (so fermented its rotten smell permeates most of the market) in a spicy broth. Counter intuitively delicious! a piece of someone's intestine goes to meet mine . . . millet, tapioca balls (think: bubble tea), and coconut jelly covered in shaved ice with passionfruit syrup on top


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