The Other Side of the World: we have a little desert

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

we have a little desert

New Zealand quintessentially captures the heart of the small because almost everything herein is on a microcosmic scale. Much like my family owning a 6 pound dog, here we have our tiny little desert, situated about 2 hours north of this town. And yes, there is snow on that mountain. A miniscule dusting, to be sure, but all things relative, it is a perfect amount. Exams are looming up over the delicate heads of the cherry trees blooming here, and therefore a veritable desert of joy looms concurrently. It will be gloomy, densely packed with bristly discomfort and inescapable, but also small enough to mercifully zoom through quickly. Sensing the metaphor yet? Today in class we reflected on our year - one of my favourite (pregnant!) classmates sat belly-rounded with an enormous flower draping over her head like a crown and read us a list of our names with reasons why we inspired her. I was touched (to the core of my little pre-menstrual heart) as she mentioned things about me that I aspire to (and lately have felt tragically off the mark with). Quietly intelligent and natural May I quietly, intelligently, and naturally make this last little desert crossing with speed, grace and perhaps, if I may be so greedy with life's resources, sanity. After all, I only need a little of it, n'est-ce pas?


Anonymous Erika said...

CHAPS! This is Erika. I am in university! Isn't it exciting!!!! Tonight I have midterm. poo

11:36 AM  

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