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Thursday, August 03, 2006

ordinary threes

I had the day off today because my hospital placement for the semester doesn't start until next week. Much as I miss the smell of liquor (amniotic fluid), I am not looking forward to waking up early enough to walk an hour across town and make it by 6:45 a.m.. I have definitely decided that there are only three things worth waking up that early for: watching the sun rise with a big bag of cherries & good company woman expelling life an extraordinary snuggle I'm hoping for some of #2 chez l'hopital, because, realistically, the other two are pipe dreams. But I digress. After productively running a bundle of errands, I stopped in at work to procure a big, fat, crunchy-topped banana-studded muffin and ended up getting coerced into working a 5 hour shift. Which wasn't so bad because waitressing makes me very reflective and I made a compedium of ordinary things that have the ability to totally win me over: people that buy me popsicles, unasked people that safely escort me home people that manage to cram untold depths of wonderfullness into packages of mail and now to round off the list of threes - a third list. The most mundane of the lot. Three things I purchased today: a long(er) ethernet cable [wherein I found myself uttering the insanely ditzy sentence "how long is 5m?"] a bitter concoction that is supposed to make me the nauseous feeling of the last 10 days go away [and for the last time, I am NOT pregnant!] the erstwhile banana muffin. yum. Apparently ordinary days put me in the mood for compilations. Are y'all asleep yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give us a taste of the "untold depths o wonderfulness" that have come through some of the envelopes you have received lately..

Big B

11:47 PM  

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