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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Rainbow of School Supplies

A little while ago, someone asked me to do a post on my school supplies - being exciting acquisitions to those of us indentured in our education. And since it was my very first request, and I too am fond of the miscellany that comprises my knapsack contents, I am happily obliging. Favourites first - how charming is a bright red stethescope? I was slightly concerned it would look bad with all the pink shirts I wear, but I quickly realized how ridiculous that problem was! (and, ahem, I can always wear black, right?). Pinard Stethescope (for listening to baby's heart in-utero) Blood pressure cuff. After reading the extensive instructions on how to take a blood pressure, I was thoroughly confused and convinced I could never piece together the finer points of operating all the bit and pieces (not to mention listening to blood rushing through arteries and watching numbered dials rise and fall). However, I am pleased to announce that once I got everything sorted into the right hand, all the intricacies of it clicked nicely and I can actually figure out a decent blood pressure. The fact I'm doing 4 things simultaneously while doing so still boggles my mind. Fancy schmancy digital thermometer - like a pearly oyster on a cracked shell pencils, tape (anyone who gets mail from me will notice the envelope liberally coated with it as my envelopes are terrible!), and 1 cent notebooks (gifted from my cousins). Already wading in paper . . . A nice big, fat, terrifyingly comprehensive textbook (recognize the ring, Claire?) Crocs - the comfiest, washable-est, pink-est, cutest shoes ever owned by me. Maybe I'll post a picture of them later when they're splashed in ammniotic fluid? [I bet the boys reading this would love that, eh?].


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey its will damm you. first you come to our house and mooch then you take our workbooks what if i needed them huh did you ever think of that huh. yeah thats right you wouldnt. the only reason you came to australia is because you wamted our workbooks you should never take our work books again. if you asked it woudld be a different story but you didnt so this is not going to work. i dont think we can still be cousins. im sorry bnut this is good bye
love will
p.s how is your new hospital if you get a chance can you steel me a box of those rubber gloves that would help heel the scares that you have given to me. thankyou love will xoxo

3:05 AM  
Anonymous little s said...

Hiya kiddo!

When I suggested the school supplies posting, little did I expect it to be so colourful (and exciting!). Its so nice to be able to follow along on your little adventure.

Rarely in life do we have the opportunity to make such big decisions, and rarer yet, are we satisfied that this place, this consequence of our decision, is exactly where we should be. To have the confidence to choose the scarier option, and to truly feel, without cognitive dissonance, that it was the right one.. well my dear, that is just an amazing thing :). Congratulations miss M!

Have a super day!
love, Sarah

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Eisenhower said...

I've been criticized for not posting enough even though i read this blog daily, or whenever-it-is-updated-ly.
Well, here's my post:

Floyd Landis has taken control of Paris-Nice, Jan is on track training in Tuscany.

I knew you were dying to know. Love you.

11:18 AM  
Blogger emma said...

M - last night I read a copy of The Borning Room which MamaUK had sent me...

and it suddenly dawned on me - M is going to be a midwife! She is going to be in the borning room!

Now I'm really really excited for you :-)

3:23 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

Mianh - You cannot believe that that exact midwifery text book fell off the shelf at my feet in Boarders yesterday -I picked it up and searched out 'uterine rupture' (oh, I am such the optimist!) and stood there absorbed for ages. Put it back and went off browsing thinking about you.

You still wear that ring :)

Loving you pictures! On that white sheet looking so sterile -but friendly too - I am so excited to read about that FIRST birth of yours Mianh :)


7:19 AM  

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