The Other Side of the World: snack-day

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I've been picking at food all day while lounging around the house reading stuff for school. Your basic lazy Sunday. It's crazy what you can eat without sitting down and having a meal: 3 cups of tea 1 cup cocoa & honey 1 tsp vegemite (yes I eat it on a spoon, and yes this is certifiable insanity) 2 slices whole grain bread 2 slices of meatloaf 4 apples 2 handfuls raisins 1 handful pecans 2 large parnsips, roasted with cinnamon bowl of steamed peas with homeade ketchup hmmm, I guess it's not that much. You could even make 3 meals out of it if you rearranged it. Exciting stuff, I tell you . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well at least I know you're getting nourished over there ;)

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Whoops, forgot to put my name :P

12:10 PM  

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