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Thursday, February 23, 2006

love, school & other odd couplings

Today was my orientation day at school and I admit I spent most of the day delirious with contentment. I actually couldn't breathe a couple of times, I was so caught up in it all. There is a distinct feeling that things here are special and different. Every single thing I heard affirmed the choice I made about this particular school and these teachers and this location. Such a wonderful feeling when you have taken such a crazy leap from the places and people you are so attached to. I really am still buzzing with it all! I also got my placement, which was handpicked for me, and I must say, handpicked exceptionally well. I have Mondays off and then one day a week on a PM shift at the local hospital (2:30 to 11 p.m. - my Holiday Inn working hours!). This is great because it delays having to buy a car, and it means I'm not on call so I can work part time on the weekends. It's hilarious how quickly I became nervous not having a cash flow. That money-in-the-pocket thing turns out to be quite addictive. . . hmmm Anyway, the main part of my placement is for 4 weeks in June/July in the beautiful Hawke's Bay region on the East coast of New Zealand. I'll stay with the midwife there (in her house! that's how eager she is to have a student with her) and accompany her to all her clients - home birthing and in rural birth centers. One other student (one I've already 'ear-marked' as a person I'll like) will be in the area at the same time with another midwife. I'm so excited that I get to see the country and get an education at the same time. . . . good stuff, that. And the other great part about this arrangement for my placement is that I'll be done as soon as my last exam lets out in mid-November, so I can jet straight home for a good long chunk of feeding up (and I mean soul as well as body there). In the meantime there are 2 weeks off at Easter, and another 2 in Sept (i.e. 'reading week') so plenty of oppotunity to be visited. . . hint hint hint. .. .HINT . . We also put in our order for our student kits today (stethescope, pinard stethescope - for baby's hearst in-uterp, etc). When they come in next week, I promise I'll do a big post of all my "school supplies" for a certain sweet reader who has requested this:) In other news, this weekend my housemate and I are planning a giant pillage of the market, and then a trip up to his parents in Hawke's Bay (Havelock North is the village) which now is so much more meaningful given today's news. Scoping out is on the agenda. . . . Anyway, I have a massive pile of handouts to read before my first real day of lab/lectures on Wednesday, and I really think my happy day needs to end with a curling up in bed with this and some nettle tea and maybe some nice Arnott's biscuits. Forgive the poor quality writing. . . I am tired. But very very very happy. (and about school too. . . . who would have thought?)


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happy happy - it's so exciting watching you settle in :)

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