The Other Side of the World: Jaded

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Mon Pere, being the man he is, thoughtfully slipped into the boxes of daily mundanities (ah, that's where all the grey cotton underwear was. . . ) something a little more practical. Practical in the ancient customary sense, that is. The accompanying e-mail states "it will protect you, so you must never take it off". I think this was also in reference to my previous 'cheating' of wearing my jade loose enough to slip off. Of course, toying with the ancients like that resulted in it getting kicked off in two pieces by my little brother's bare foot. An un-aimed kick, in the dark. I know. Before taking it off became an issue, however, the *putting on* of it was addressed with plenty of freezing cold running water (can't have the tissues swelling), friction-destroying lather and a peverse desire for encirclement that managed to momentarily overwhelm all innate pain-avoidance mechanisms . Given the drama of this event, however, I will be leaving it on for my own protection somewhere in the time frame of forever. May the ravages of aging be kind to my wrist circumference. . . And now, like my mother before me, I can 'accidentally' deliver bone-cracking raps to unsuspecting people who think they're cozying in for a hug. Ah, tradition! [and as for the photo - you try taking one of your dominant hand!]


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