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Sunday, October 15, 2006

if drinking coffee's your idea of really cool

Left my last barista shift stuffed with an enourmous chicken sandwich (encompassing the entire life span of the chicken really, as the chef managed to ram in an egg as well), enough lattes to last me an average year of personal caffeine consumption, a very dirty black cafe apron, a red rose and a unicorn card. Apparently I appeared to them to be a unicorn type of girl. People's interpretations of me never fail to amuse. Memorable moments from eight months of carrying 3 coffees at once to the lovely kiwis (if only because I feel the need to monumentalize the end of another service industry era) *- "How are you today?" "a flat white." "excuse me, we're having a bet about whether or not you're Canadian. If I win, I get this peanut slab. So are you?" (he gave me the chocolate bar he won) "I'm from Canada" "but where are you *really* from?" "what are you studying?" "midwifery" "are you CRAZY?!" "why aren't you married yet? you really should be married!" [15 minutes later he was asked by the manager to leave for grabbing my bum. twice. he was around 50. he was not intoxicated.] "the artichokes are missing from my meal!" "the ones right there on your plate ma'am?" "those are artichokes?" "yes." "where is the almond tart I ordered for my father?!" "it's coming; I actually only have two hands" [the elderly man at the table laughed heartily for the next 3o seconds while his annoyed daughter glared after me] "you are our particular favourite waitress" "thank you ever so much" In truth, I complain just as heartily as every sane waitress. But in the end, when it comes down to it - thank you too. * I won't actually quote any of the amusing lines from the staff at the restaurant because it would instantly rocket the content of this blog to an x-rating. and I have my squeaky clean image to maintain after all ;)


Anonymous andrew said...

hahaha...sounded stressful yet fun...kinda remind you of a place back home?

2:32 AM  

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