The Other Side of the World: my little pink bum

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

my little pink bum

One of the best things about studying in New Zealand is that there is such a large community of midwives. Case in point: although the town where I study has about 1/3 of the population of my hometown, there are about 10x the number of midwives practicing independently (nevermind the university lecturers, students and midwives employed by the hospital). This photo is from an New Zealand College of Midwives 'meeting', and appropriately we are all learning optimal practice of pelvic floor exercises (Kegels for the North Americans). And it all looks so innocent. (for reference, my housemate Jane, the head of our program and my midwife are all in this photo) Oh, and my essay is done and ready to be e-mailed off to my inifinitely understanding lecturer sans late-deductions. Making the current tally: 2 (somewhat more minor) assignments and 4 exams left to go. morbido!* *as in 'soft' in Italian, not 'morbid'


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