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Monday, April 02, 2007


Studying to be a midwife in New Zealand is -
my entire class and the head of the program bursting into tears during a meeting in the middle of the day
my placement midwife and I doing clinic in our barefeet (not to mention traipsing around the hospital delivery suite in flip flops and jeans and still being very respected by the obstetricians - her, not me, obviously)
two of my classmates bringing their sons to class today, prompting us all to suddenly glance around at their whereabouts when our lecturer suggested someone investigate, and report back to the class re: whether or not you can actually feel your cervix bob up and down in the aftershocks of an orgasm (they were asleep, and apparently yes, you can)
cutting my finger today whilst thrusting it into a plastic vagina
dry & academic it is not.
[sympathies extended to my tender-bellied male friends and relations who will no doubt send me e-mails of squeamish protest and have to go lie down for the afternoon with smelling salts upon reading this post]


Blogger Midwifery is catching said...

The textbook pictured there is in part edited by the lecturer of one of my subjects, and yes I know all about plastic vaginas...!

8:58 AM  

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