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Saturday, March 18, 2006

vaccum packed

Tonight at work I was asked to "hoover" the restaurant floor (I must say, there are times when you really miss working at a hotel with housekeeping staff). When they brought out the vaccum I had a good laugh (to everyone else's bemusement) because it had little backpack straps. Apparently this is de rigeur here. Has anyone else ever seen one? Admittedly I don't vaccum that often (especially while travelling). Photo courtesy of my indulgent co-worker, and the kiwi obsession with cell-phone-cameras.


Anonymous Joanna said...

That is hands down the coolest vacuum I have ever seen. Making you the coolest vacuumer I've ever seen. Wear your title proudly, Coolest-Vacuumer.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes mianh i have seen these vacum cleaners around they are every where and do u know my room needs a hoover if you want to look its ok you ca if you want to no presure i rrally dont mind ok well guess who it is ill give you a clue MIAHN well if you dont know who it is by now here is another clue GIVE ME MY TEXT BOOKS BACK I DIDNT SAY YOU COULD USE THEM if you reallly dont know now you have a problem ok then cya miahn i mean mianh

3:55 AM  

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