The Other Side of the World: British Boys

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

British Boys

"Your pride is permanently stomach-based" Well the boys visiting from London seem to think this is an appropriate (and even brilliant) title for this photo, but in reality, swallowing my pride of late has nothing to do with my fingernail size. We were all quite amused though at the comparison between my pinky and their corresponding thumb nails. Shoes sizes 12, 4, 11 respectively. Actually, my knee even looks quite small in this photo. . . Evidence that the lads do laundry. Although apparently not often enough: "how do we make the water come out? What do all these dials do? Why does nothing happen when we turn it?". And for the convoluted record, Joe's mother taught my neighbour (back in Canada) Art when she lived in London, then she moved to Canada, invited her former teacher and her family to visit, I met them, they let me stay in their house in London while they were away, and now Joe (on the left) is touring the world with his friend Edmund and they stopped by my humble little town to say hi. And I think do some laundry.


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