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Thursday, June 15, 2006

La Narcisse

As if every single word on this whole entire site wasn't already devoted to me, myself and I (and related matters, but it all comes down to me eventually. . .) my friend whose awe-inspiring chronicles of Midwifery apprenticeship in the Western United States can be read here has 'tagged' me, meaning I list eight or so previously unmentioned things about myself, and then pass the privelige on. In other words, an excuse to talk about me. Which is already the whole point here, but nevermind about technicalities, on with the list: 1. I have a severe addiction to granola with plain yogurt and even though I dont believe it's the healthiest thing to be eating (really!) I have sometimes allowed this to be the entirety of my food consumption for the day. 2. I love words and use them excessively, a practice exacerbated by several people I regularly converse with who support and feed the habit. 3. I often wish smoking wasn't bad for you because I would love to do it - the action of it is so soothing. 4. I am a physical affection whore I will use whatever means possible to touch as many people as possible whenever possible. I sometimes wish I was a cat so I could twine myself around people and get away with it. But this only applies to people I get the right 'feeling' from. 5. I like to do almost everything obsessively, compulsively and with absolute disregard for schedule, routine, spacing-things-out or what is polite and acceptable behaviour. 6. I have frivolous tendencies towards organic lip balms in tiny metal tins, European sparkling water in small glass bottles and stretchy black cotton shirts. 7. I find immense satisfaction in wearing untoward amounts of black eye-liner and then staring people in the eye. 8. I absolutely love: being small, my name, my long, wild hair and the freckle on my right pinky finger. And since the tag came from an internet friend of long-cherished-standing, I will pass it on to another long-cherished-standing friend from, as they say, *the real world* who has a rather brand-new presence on the internet and now, back to the exam studying (thanks for the procrastination!)


Blogger Jo said...

Mianh, that was a great list to read from so far away and be reminded of special and unique things about you. I have one more to add that maybe not alot of people know and that probably doesn't apply anymore since it was fairly house-specific: you being pulled down two flights of stairs by gravity and tumbling right into the front door-that was always an immensely satisfying sound for me to hear. Thanks for tagging me, I hope I am up to the challenge.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Tess said...

Hey M,
You CAN delete comments if they reveal too much about your identity :P
Sorry to hear about the phillipino disaster, they must be really hurting after a second earthquake..
I'll rub St. Christopher, if you pray for Italia on thursday morning..

8:11 PM  

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