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Monday, July 16, 2007

what else is there to do?

When not being midwifish - for example this week - I:
Am compulsive: --> ate homeade chicken soup for 8 meals in a row. Not from one batch. Nor from one batch of groceries. ahem. Is it a bad sign when the cashier at the checkout notices you've bought the same ingredients twice in one week?
Am literary: --> read several books, only one of which was on breastfeeding. So there (unless you count Christina Rosetti's Goblin Market as breastfeeding, which you really, really shouldn't).
Am slothful: --> 11 hours is a nice length of time to sleep. Plus the naps of course. Especially the ones in the bath. Prunily pleasant. Am thwarted:
--> despite excellent attempts, my track record for re-selling uselessly expensive textbooks remains at universe: ad infinitum, me: 1. Furthermore, the one victory can't even be enjoyed properly because it wasn't my textbook; I just sold it to be spiteful (justified!). Am productive: --> so it appears you're supposed to actually run those errands. Intriguing.
Am feverish: --> if I knit all the wool I own into things, it will take up less space in my suitcase. Right? Am pressured:
--> my lovely (male) relation claims "if you can convince me, i wont buy a gun". Splendid, I needed something to get all soap-boxy and critical about in my time off. Am irresponsible: --> where is my cell phone? who knows! Why is there a giant daikon radish on the backseat of my car? probably because the creepy man at the grocery store suggested I buy it and I did so in an attempt to evade further conversation with him. . . he has white clown hair! Am vastly complex and fascinating: --> or, well, you know. . . I like to think my inner machinations are thusly. Ca va? Ah, see. . .there is plenty else to do
even if it is all a little lacking in bodily fluids


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cannot for the life of me locate your e-mail, would love to talk. Here's mine:
Xx L

3:05 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

I am also in the wool dilemna. Part of my solution is to knit it into things that I can give to people here. But time is running very short and there is too much left...and it's so pretty...I know it will be just perfect for some project...some day...

8:52 PM  
Blogger Ciarin said...

Oh jeez, maybe I need to start learning how to knit! It seems like such a midwifey thing to do- haha! At the very least will it help me feel more comfortable with suturing??? Although I am thinking that yarn and the perineum have a lsightly different texture!

Greetings from a new blogger and a new midwife!

12:01 AM  
Blogger kris said...

prunily pleasant-luv it! so glad to hear you're enjoying your time of rest;)

1:13 PM  

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