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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mouth Stuff

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: Now in a can passion fruit + mango The Pepper Gamble: Most of them are mild, but every once in awhile you get one that's so hot you're rolling on the grass with the garden hose in your mouth for the next 2 hours. * Cheese balls, ravioli. Sorry K. . . . Peaches in my grandfather's wine Grape Bender Paddle Pops - they're popsicles made of frozen jelly that flop over instead of melting * true story


Anonymous Sar said...

Yes, I have decided to respond to your explosion of postings with a mini-explosion of replies :).

I am glad to hear/see/infer that you are having a lovely time... its nice to live vicariously through the little tales of Ausitaly (or so i'll call it).

Check your hotmail account for a little taste from the 401 region.

- Sarah

7:57 PM  

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