The Other Side of the World: One Fine Day

Saturday, February 04, 2006

One Fine Day

Sat. morning cricket (my youngest cousin is the one mid-step in the foreground). A confusing, slow, but also strangely soothing and enjoyable game. Then out to the pier at Half Moon Bay (where I memorably saw a man's naked tanned bum when I was 14) To sniff the salty air and have fish and chips. . . . the best fish and chips that is - Flake (shark) with dim sims (totally unreasonable conglomerates of meat? wrapped in dough? and definitely fried). And then back in the car, but not before stopping for petrol (gas) and a paddle pop - the perfect balance between the creamy and icy chocolate icypole (popsicle). In order to get to the Mornington Peninsula to see the Michael Leunig exhibit. This one covered and entire wall and was painted with mud. sedition n : an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government

Coming down the steps to the beach at Mornington Instructions on becoming a human salt lick: insert, agitate, remove, dry, repeat And that was just the day. Then there was pool playing with 'the guys' and interesting conversation to listen in on, and an enormous platter of chili-stir fried clams, mussels and crab (no twitching this time) plus sting-ray on the side.

*special thanks to the uncle responsible for aforementioned Fine Day


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