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Monday, November 27, 2006

allow me to introduce myself...

Hi everyone, I'm Jo. This is me, in Wellington. And guess who is behind the camera! It's Mianh, who it was my joy and delight to spend 9 days with recently. Here's Mianh at Owlcatraz, after I had gotten over the flu, and before we set off on our road trip. As you can see, feeding ducks out of her hands agrees with her. Just like miniature canoe paddles beating at your Here is the lovely bed, where the lovely Geraldine had to put up with my ill self for a good 24 hours. Thanks Mianh, for having such a comfy bed for me to lie in for an extended period of time. Finally, here's Mianh, in what I think of as a quintessential Mianh pose. Seriously, if you are a person who's seen lots of pictures of Mianh, haven't you seen her in this position before? Its nice to know that wherever Mianh is in the world, no matter what swanky haircuts she has, no matter what she's holding in her hand, you can still find her wearing black and making this pose.I'm tempted to put up all the rest of my favorite pictures, but I feel like I should leave some for the sheep on the road, and the cows on the road, and the giant cow, and the dead lamb...precious moments all of them.


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