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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

of one's own

Being at home is Surreal. Delicious. Sad (because it seems so short a time) But As I am (fairly enough) displaced from my Canadian bedroom, I did have a shaft of longing twinge through me when I got this photo in my in-box. Doesn't my NZ bedroom look so cozy and inviting? Don't you just want to curl up in the middle of that spiral on my big bed and read with the warm sun streaming down on your pages and a good friend curled up in the comfy chair to read aloud the best bits to? I always, always, always wish I could combine places. because as Sarah in Sarah Plain and Tall says - No matter where you go, you will always miss something Which I think, is the saddest, and most beautiful part of it all.


Anonymous Ru said...


12:05 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

how true

3:11 PM  
Anonymous erika said...

Chaps I noticed you inquired into when I arrive in Kingston. Indeed it is not until the 23rd however you are fully welcome to come visit me in Waterloo!

1:02 AM  

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