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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beautiful Wednesday

Wednesdays in my life have managed to overcome their usual classification as 'middle of the week slump' and become one of my favourite days. Their sudden, dramatic rise was probably due in part to the fact that my school week now starts on a Wednesday - Mondays and Tuesdays being designated for Other Things. The real reason, however, for loving Wednesdays, is that it's the day for 177.101 - in other words, 5 delicious hours of sitting around talking endlessly about midwifery, practising midwifery, distracting our instructor off on delicious birth-story tangents, oh and did I mention sitting around drinking tea and talking about midwifery? All in the guise of 'education'. Ha! Today in the 3 hour lunch break, one of my friends came over so we could give each other a physical exam (a non-erotic partnered assignment) and we ended up having one of those great long here-are-some-sordid-details-about-me conversations that I was in dire need of having. Right at the end of class today at five o'clock, we got into a huge, emotional debate about strategies/attitude for dealing with pregnant women (especially teenagers) who engage in abusive habits during their pregnancies(tough love? compassion? how?when?). Up until now, there has been very little vocal disagreement amongst us, and it was actually really wonderful to see the passions rising up and people exposing their deeply felt beliefs. I really believe it's moments like this that enable us to grow together as a unified, supportive group. And as if Nature was in agreement with me on the subject of good-coming-from-bad; leaving campus an hour late made me privy to the sun's only appearance of the day as it nestled cozily back under the long white clouds of Aotearoa.


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