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Sunday, April 09, 2006

here i am

This week has been a blur. A satisfying and useful blur, but one all the same. I studied, wrote tests, hacked at bones (dissection lab!), waitressed like crazy and finished my essay. If that's not getting-stuff-done then I resign myself to a life of inadequacy! Oh, and I also had a few good conversations with friends and a good hair day thrown in there for measure. So you seen, things are happening, only of the less exciting variety. On the other hand, I have only 2 more days of class and then it's Easter break and I am hopefully heading up North with a friend. If I ever leave the cocoon of my bed and put my laundry on and do *something* about the massive piles of papers/books on the floor and go out into the rain and pay my bills and buy more whole wheat flour and post some mail AND get a bus ticket to Auckland. Mmmm, warm bed . . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are having a glorious burst of weather-come westwards...then again REST

Big B

4:51 AM  

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