The Other Side of the World: Poised

Monday, April 03, 2006


I have this rather poetic notion that with each new being I see entering the world, I'll fold a paper crane. Each one strung below the next in long lines of memories and awe. I've never seen anything being born. My first placement begins in exactly two hours. So there sits on my bedroom floor a delicate piece of green, gold-flecked Japanese paper (a gift from the other participant in the only birth I've been a part of). Green for new growing. Gold for everything special and rare and tremendous. Poised. Waiting to be creased and bent and folded into wings.


Blogger Geoff the Medio said...

Hatching or emerging from cocoons or chrysalises don't count?

Birth is neither special nor rare. Or is this to celebrate your involvement, rather than the event itself, independent of you?

What constitutes a placement? Have they conveniently scheduled a birth for your educational benefit?

What part did you have in a birth you did not see?

"Poised" is rather excessive autokinesimorphism for paper. Much like that attempt to sythesize a new greek-derived word...

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