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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

La Richesse

The week is simmering along nicely. Essay handed in (and yes as per usual operating standards, it was printed out 3 minutes before class started, and no I could not find a stapler, but red paper clips are very very nice, I think). Easter holidays loom 3 short hours of class away with lots of explorative adventure contained therein (in the holidays, perhaps not so much in class). And I realized this afternoon that I've had lots of good conversations this week and that has really been important to my psychosocial health (excuse me, the psychology-degree sliver of my brain has been dying to use that word). My midwifery lecturer stopped by my placement for a long chat over coffee (and when I say coffee I mean she bought me a nice slimy green smoothie). It's wonderful to be taught by people who are actually interested and invested in your education and well-being (for a change, argh!). Then this morning, having woken up in an extremely out-of-character happy and energetic mood, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from my neighbour (in Canada) who was in New Zealand. It made the world seem smaller and cozier all of a sudden. And I also had an unexpected conversation with a friend that resolved some lingering concerns I'd been holding onto for a few months. And yes, that is my newest collage that always hangs over my bed and gets puzzled over by everyone who happens upon it. Life is good. Vive la richesse.


Anonymous Joanna said...

yay for a new collage! That makes you having a new bedroom more real. Somehow. I don't know why.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Linus said...

hey mianh,
would that be bbbbbbbbbbbbarry? or some other kiwi neighbors?

Guess what? The coast is clear for a visit, but I need to pick a date and tell my employer (who is very flexible), so is it going to be Early August? or is something more Mid-June better?

Let me know. Did you see that picture of Bruno? Pretty neat stuff.

Where to on your easter holiday? Mountains perhaps?

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanted to have a big close look at the collage....

Made me also want to make one



6:37 AM  

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