The Other Side of the World: whence the magi came

Saturday, December 23, 2006

whence the magi came

It's 4:30 am and I can't sleep. In fact, I just woke up. This is what I look like: Christmas is wonderful - my dear family becomes about 10x more manic than usual (which pushes corresponding levels of nerve damage somewhere into the stratosphere). There are 6 different kinds of cheese in the same fridge. Life is a crazy whirlwind and I enjoy alternating between being a wide-eyed, mute, panicked observer & shrieking in the melee. It is certainly not hours of quiet, solitary study. Strangely enough though, both secnes stem from hype around someone or another's birth. Perhaps Christmas is just a time when everyone else realizes the outrageously miraculous spectacle that being born is. Yeah, amazing, isn't it? . . . it's enough to keep you up at night


Anonymous Anonymous said...

enough to keep anyone up indeed

10:17 AM  
Anonymous andrew said...

wish i looked that good when i woke up in the morning ;)

2:35 AM  

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