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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Somehow I have managed, in an exhilarating bout of obliviousness, to completely miss the local screening of The Business of Being Born. Local as in right in my neighbourhood within walking on a -25 c freezing cold night distance. Clearly I have been spending too much time doing the photographed above (i.e. being leeched upon) and not enough time reading posted flyers on street corners, or attending LLL meetings with well connected birth advocates. Although, you know, I really thought I was doing a decent amount of that. This realization (made upon reading a review of the bloody screening in the community paper) has caused much wailing around here - because, man! I really wanted to see that movie because it was all birthy and politic and the trailer made me get all weepy at the end even after I'd watched it 17 times in a row, and now I'll have to wait forever and ever for it to make its way up to Canada. Sigh. I think I'm itching to indulge my inner birth junkie, midwifery style. Watching that trailer reminded me how ridiculously fantastic it is to be studying a profession in which I frequently cry tears of uncontained joy. Present incomplete essay notwithstanding, as usual.


Blogger Housefairy said...

Im SO sorry you missed it! I tried to do it justice a few months back....November was good and wierd. The trailer was beter than the movie although it was a good movie. anyhow it comes out on NetFLix (and hopefully just plain old mailorder) in March, so hang in there!

6:33 PM  
Blogger M said...

yes! I read your whole cool-car-road-trip-movie-screening adventure quite jealously :)

7:33 PM  
Blogger Morag said...

Heya darlin...
1. I do not know sweet baby's name. So I have no idea to whom I should address my *awesomely* late welcome gift. Shall be sure to enclose some tasty treat (some L&P perhaps?) for her hardworking mama as penance for inexcusable tardiness.

2. Don't suppose you know where a certain VBAC obsessed bloggie can locate VBAC/HBAC protocols (if they exist) from NZ or Canada do you?

6:11 PM  

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