The Other Side of the World: trifecta of danger

Monday, March 10, 2008

trifecta of danger

I woke up yesterday being eye balled by these giant specimens and I had to quickly go back to sleep for a minute. The cuteness, it is overwhelming at times. There was snow smashed into every crevice of our street today making for an exhilarating automotive thrust through the ice ruts not to mention a thrilling bout of morning labour for the lovely daddy (I wonder if he'll dig my car out in the future when I get called out at 4am? is this an unreasonable dream?)Red.skirt.lust. Please, someone, contrive for this skirt to enter my life in a more visceral way than me clicking on the Etsy store from whence it comes 18 times a day (it's handmade! of recycled material! by a struggling artist! there is so much good to add to the world via this skirt!). To sum: baby googlers, snowstorm # 28 of the season and . . . dangerous things all Also: to the person that stole my bag of groceries, or perhaps contrived to evaporate it unbeknownst to me, or who finds it in a deep snow drift: enjoy the prune juice and chocolate pudding!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss you. Thinking of you and all this Canadianess and winter and new life! Wow :)


6:45 AM  

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