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Monday, February 26, 2007

happy wild things

Exibit A, my friend's organically cozy bed in Vancouver (complete with Perrier, chocolate almonds that apparently scent detecting kiwi airport dogs don't give a flip about, and an anxiously slow cab ride back to the airport. for a late flight. of course.). So, after a variety of adventures including cramming all my luggage into the handicapped washroom stall, fantastic congee in Auckland, and no less than 4 silent seat neighbours (I think they could smell the murderously foul mood I was travelling in) I arrived to familiar chaos bathed in 5am, musky, sweet, warm & moist New Zealand darkness. And now, 3 days later, I sport a darker shade of brown, a knapsack emptied of novels and mints and crammed instead with papers and textbooks, about 80 pounds less of outerwear and a thrilling case of insomnia/exhaustion. Today I walked home through 45 minutes of towering bamboo stands, screaming cicadas, enormous whispering ferns and everything dark and leafy and ripe. 8 hours of class today, and my first clinical day is tomorrow. And I am happy as a wild thing.


Blogger sarah said...

glad to see/hear/read you made it back to the NZ intact :)

take care Miss M,

- SmL.

5:57 PM  
Blogger mm said...

Please send greetings to Max while you are in the land of the wild things.
Glad you are "home" safe and sound for another round of adventures.

10:27 AM  

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