The Other Side of the World: Mar 15, 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


'Tis official. Two weeks until my first shift at the hospital. Our lecturer told us today they often do waterbirths at the hospital here, so that has heightened the anticipation just that little bit more. If that's even possible. . . . Barista: The Espresso Bar Here's a useful lesson: while in the middle of the second in a series of back-toback shifts, do NOT drink a moccachino on an empty stomach, as carrying very full lattes for the rest of the afternoon will become an exercise in stopping nerve-clanging hand tremors by holding your breath. And no matter what they tell you - breathing is NOT overrated. I do like those frothy drinks though.. . . .perhaps I need to go back to drinking hot steamed milk (my mother's solution to dragging kiddies along for her cappuchino fix). Can I just say, however, that it is a *delight* to be able to wear a black t-shirt without collar or buttons or ironing to work? And to serve a nation of congenital non-complainers (a waitress's dream!). And did I mention the frothy drinks?