The Other Side of the World: Mar 10, 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Rainbow of School Supplies

A little while ago, someone asked me to do a post on my school supplies - being exciting acquisitions to those of us indentured in our education. And since it was my very first request, and I too am fond of the miscellany that comprises my knapsack contents, I am happily obliging. Favourites first - how charming is a bright red stethescope? I was slightly concerned it would look bad with all the pink shirts I wear, but I quickly realized how ridiculous that problem was! (and, ahem, I can always wear black, right?). Pinard Stethescope (for listening to baby's heart in-utero) Blood pressure cuff. After reading the extensive instructions on how to take a blood pressure, I was thoroughly confused and convinced I could never piece together the finer points of operating all the bit and pieces (not to mention listening to blood rushing through arteries and watching numbered dials rise and fall). However, I am pleased to announce that once I got everything sorted into the right hand, all the intricacies of it clicked nicely and I can actually figure out a decent blood pressure. The fact I'm doing 4 things simultaneously while doing so still boggles my mind. Fancy schmancy digital thermometer - like a pearly oyster on a cracked shell pencils, tape (anyone who gets mail from me will notice the envelope liberally coated with it as my envelopes are terrible!), and 1 cent notebooks (gifted from my cousins). Already wading in paper . . . A nice big, fat, terrifyingly comprehensive textbook (recognize the ring, Claire?) Crocs - the comfiest, washable-est, pink-est, cutest shoes ever owned by me. Maybe I'll post a picture of them later when they're splashed in ammniotic fluid? [I bet the boys reading this would love that, eh?].