The Other Side of the World: Oct 27, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006


I've been getting strange flashbacks to my arrival here, I think because the weather is painstakingly heating up to the sort of mild, breezy summer it was when I first arrived. It's sort of hard to tell exactly, because there's no frostbite to sear off under the sun, but my greatest clue is that it smells like that crazy, bold loneliness I remember so acutely. Except I'm not crazily lonely anymore, thank goodness. I've put so many solid, plodding-along hours of bum time in my swively black desk chair this week that I feel quite unlike myself during exams. Read: calm rather than hysterically twitching and writhing under the strain of a thousand neuroses. It sort of feels like tiptoeing around myself. Dare I say, that if this calmness continues, exams might not be so bad anymore? Do I detect some maturity in my scholastic approach? *shudder* Anyway, I have spent the morning ditzily purchasing supplies at every possible grocery outlet in town so that I can make spaghetti tomorrow (hey, it's not my fault that I need to buy organic pasta because the thought of fields of wheat getting doused in chemicals constricts my brain after watching a documentary on birth defects the other night, alone and petrified in the dark). So I think my point is - tomorrow, my tendency to burn everything in an impatient indifference notwithstanding, - it'll smell like home. Which is probably good because I need a reminder - 25 days is it? As Mr. Buble put it so succintly over the PA at groceteria numero quattro today - I'm going hoooooooooooooooooooooome! just for the record, I don't actually live in a green barn - it just happens to be in my backyard