The Other Side of the World: Nov 22, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

here, there, everywhere

Extracts of the last 2 weeks: writing an explanation of placental separation on an exam, drenched from hair to jeans in NZ spring rain scrubbing my floors throwing beer cans at a theatre in Wellington wandering blindly through a cave of glow worms dipping in the cold Pacific driving 200km in 8 hours along NZ's Eastern Cape (read: winding, hilly, animal herds) reading picture books in German to small children who appeared in my bed (pre 8 am) dipping in the warm Pacific watching the sunset on the beach under a palm tree whilst eating shaved ice & coconut explaining Midwifery to every random person who sat beside me in airplanes/ports all over the world (THEY ASKED!) eating a bagel from Tim Hortons whilst driving down the 401 (quintessential) curling up with my mama & the dog & lentil soup in front of a woodstove as they would say in The Idiots (read:obscure film reference) - Quite. A. Lot. No wonder my head's twirling. And I'm having a nap. pictures & stories to come