The Other Side of the World: Jul 23, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006

don't go away!

I'm still around - just trying to finangle a broadband connection for myself, which apparently is the Kiwi equivalent of trying to heist a Klimt. Luckily for us all (ha!) the internet ranks up around food, water and compliments about my hair in my hierarchy of needs, so I am making good progress. In fact as soon as my feet are able to propel me once more (taking 5 weeks off work and then working back-to-back waitressing shifts is not overly wise) things should be good to go. Until then - prepare your minds for a feast of bodily fluid soaked tales! (I'm not kidding - there is a sweatshirt in my laundry drenched with amniotic fluid & meconium, and a person in the world who - outside his mother's body - felt my hands on his head first).