The Other Side of the World: Jan 24, 2006

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Observing New Zealand in 10 Minutes

Because I have to run and catch a bus, not because it's easy . . . People go barefoot *everywhere* - the bank, the supermarket There are willow trees, evergreen trees and palm trees all growing along side each other Yogurt is runny and comes in jugs or cartons There is almost always a distinctive sea breeze, even though the actual sea is nowhere to be seen (and as a result my hair is wavier than it has ever been) The sun is burning hot because we're under a hole in the ozone layer The City Library is brand new and amazing. I want to move in. Also they sell parsnip cake there. Must try this soon . . . There are no pennies here, so everything gets rounded. Some things sound British (tea is dinner). Some sound Maori (Kumaras are sweet potatoes) and some things are just . . . ('cool' stands in for 'you're welcome') And lastly, I promise, as soon as I have the internet at home I'll write something properly intelligent. I think internet cafes sap my brain.

bat's nest

Apart from the fact that there's nowhere to put all the books and they're stacked haphazardly around the room, I think it turned out quite nicely. Enh, who am I kidding? The books always end up on the floor anyway. More accessible. And yes, the big basket is full of wool. I am cool beyond reason . . . Of course, I would be slightly cooler if the suitcase that had all my posters/pictures etc showed up. Patience is such an art, no?


As promised . . . photos of the park-forest-university Inside the student center One of the residences A little native shrubbery Yes, Jess - there are horses And Jess, there are also cows. . . . . *on campus* . . . . Try not to be too jealous - those of you stuck in scary concrete academic contraptions . . .