The Other Side of the World: Oct 28, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Are you reading this?!

In a desperate last-ditch attempt to procrastinate before my midwifery-knowledge-and-prac exam tomorrow, I started persuing my own profile just now. That the # of hits is above 400, combined with the fact that yesterday I got a resounding endorsement of my favourite meal [apparently transplant coordinators also like weird green concoctions] makes me wonder who is reading this? Leave your name cryptically if you must, but let me know. (if only to aid the procrastination attempts - inarguably a worthy cause) and hey, thanks for reading. . .

my favourite bowl

If it's just my favourite green bowl and I sitting down to dinner, hardly anything else can makes me as consistently happy as this: fry 1/2 an onion gently in some olive oil add in 1 small can tomatoes [or 1/2 can tomato paste, or 4-5 chopped tomatoes, etc] bring to a boil add any or none of: a few mushrooms, sliced fresh chopped parsely and salt to taste, or a spoonfull of stock powder let boil for 5 minutes longer add an entire bunch of one or combination, finely chopped: kale swiss chard/silver beet pea greens spinach (a bit much all on its own) collards etc let cook for a minute reduce heat throw in 4-5 finely chopped/smashed cloves of garlic put on the lid, take off heat and leave for 10 minutes good with a bit of smoky hot sauce on top. . . . and I suppose if you must you could eat it over rice or pasta. I have, at times, eaten just this for days on end. obsessive?