The Other Side of the World: Dec 26, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have an essay due in 2 days
the good: it's 1/8 done and 100% researched and straight forward
the bad: 1) it's the middle of the freaking holidays and I don't know what kind of insanity posessed me to leave it until now to do (except perhaps my persistant last-minute-minded-ness)
2) the lovely daddy is at work until tomorrow and I am at my mother's house ostensibly 'visiting' although everyone has left to go paint the rental house. Read: no one to pass baby off to. I regret that my mad mama/student skills do not encompass writing an essay and breastfeeding (although strangely enough they do encompass blogging and breastfeeding)
3) In a fit of idiocy I chose to write the essay on SIDS so now am in a constant state of anxiety everytime I contemplate the topic at hand. Helpful, really.
ah well. maelstroms are my specialty.
. . . and of course, there is the pacifying thought that if I could write (and pass!) an exam, breastfeeding a 2 week old non-happily-latching baby whilst ensconced in the swankily important offices of the New Zealand High Comission in downtown Ottawa (replete with dumping breast-milk that had collected in my nipple shells into a severe looking potted plant) - then I can do anything. . .
I think I sort of understand better why Morag's blog is titled such. Hey. . . at least I'm not on call. Yet.
Happy Holidays!