The Other Side of the World: Feb 1, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


There is something to be said for only making rare appearances at your grandparent's house. Especially when it incites the procuring of the Large Pot. Into which Large amounts of Gnocchi are placed (and please everyone, it's gnock-ee). Now, I know my brother is dying of jealousy by now, and that elaborating on the details like; I ate four bowls, there were also cheese balls, the gnocchi were of perfect texture and balance between flour & potato . . . . will probably make his insides churn. But, given the circumstances, I think you can forgive me for lovingly reflecting. Eggplant stuffed with parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, eggs and raisins and then fried. The Venerable Patriarch presides. Note the bottle of potent homeade wine (the grapes are growing about 10 feet away from where this was taken) which he repeatedly tried to ply me with by insisting it was "coca cola". The After Effects: My cousins and I, well beyond sated and into comatose And for the record, it was 40 degrees C in Australia last week. It was 28 degrees C in New Zealand before I left. And now it is about 20 degrees C and raining here. A conspiracy just like the last time! But I will wait it out! It can't be cold for 15 days! (apologies to anyone in Canada for saying 20 degrees in cold).