The Other Side of the World: Jan 10, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

nous sommes tous montrealais

The ice-city herself (between a swishy Christmas and a straining New Year) eclectically presented: A large elegant dog to lust over (only in the sense that it's large and elegant and I want it standing watchfully over my door)

Institutions of meat & smoke & frenzied eating amongst the elbows of strangers (and industriously large kosher pickles and deep purple sloshes of wondrous, rare, black cherry cola) and charming clusters of grey vermin backdropping for the skiiers on Mt. Royal

I must say. . . I like it a lot better when I don't have to write exams with snow in my shoes* *pysch exam at McGill circa Dec 2004

** nous sommes tous montrealais = banner campaign in the city attempting to soothe the english/french friction meaning - 'we are all montrealers'